Behaviour Management, Moderation, T&L, L&M

NameHelen Wriglesworth


Year 2 teacher/ QIT Leader / ITT QA

SpecialismBehaviour Management, Assessment and Moderation, Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Management

Simpson’s Lane Academy, Knottingley

Previous Experience

2009 – Present: Class teacher in year 2 and QIT Leader (Facilitating and leading school improvement from planning to implementation, reviewing impact.) I am working as an ITT mentor in school and carrying out quality assurance visits to other schools as part of the ITT QA Team. On these visits I assess the support given to students, ensure observations are moderated and allow any issues to be addressed.

2008 – 2009: Various schools in Sydney, Australia. As part of a passion for travel and new experiences I spent one year working in education inAustralia.

2006 – 2008: Year 3/4 class teacher – Challenging rural community, small school with mixed classes.

2004 – 2005: GTP Islington, London – Inner city multi-cultural school, previously TA and offered GTP training.

Examples of Previous Projects

Behaviour Management

I have worked with a number of SEN children in my career and have been able to adapt my teaching to accommodate their needs. In some severe cases I have worked alongside PBS to develop alternative strategies to ensure their education is maximised. I have spent several sessions at the Pupil Referral Units ensure children in my class can be supported successfully in their transition back into the classroom.

Assessment and Moderation

As an experienced Year 2 teacher it has been crucial that I have a good understanding of assessment processes, to enable confidence in my own judgements. I have taken part in extensive CPD and pyramid moderation enabling me to gain to support others. I lead and take part in whole school moderation and am confident in presenting work for moderation within school and within the LA.

Teaching and Learning

I believe that teaching is a privileged position and we have a responsibility to the children we teach to provide them with stimulating learning experiences. My teaching experience has mostly been in schools in highly deprived areas where pupils seek motivation to learn and develop. Observations of my lessons have always been outstanding with comments made on my use on cooperative learning strategies to ensure all pupils participate fully in lessons. As a result of my teaching, after recent school merger 91% of the children I taught achieved in line or above expectations in English and 100% of the children achieved above or beyond expectations in Maths.

I feel an area of expertise is within classroom provision, I pride myself on the fact that all children make good progress in my class. This is facilitated through effective planning, assessment for learning and outstanding behaviour management.

Leadership and Management

Whilst my specialist areas are within the classroom I currently work as Quality Improvement team Leader for my school. A position that demands me to have a strategic overview of school development and deploy leadership qualities to ensure all staff are fully committed to improvement.

My current school does not have individual subject leaders, instead we operate a system where a ‘Quality Improvement Team’ take the school priorities annually, the team write action plans to develop specific priorities and work on identified school improvement, I lead this team, I ensure the SDP is populated and that objectives are met, I lead new teachers in their involvement. I prepare and deliver reports to governors and SLT on progress made. The team consists of all teaching staff this distributes opportunities for all staff to be aware of and responsible for whole school development.

My experience as a middle leader is supported by National College training, I have an understanding of the importance of strategic planning and the part this plays in whole school improvement.