Our Mission and Objectives

sptaedit10.jpgOur Mission

Our Mission is to enable all of the academies within our group to reach the same level of excellence and quality of provision, and for all of our young people to achieve their full potential.



Our Objectives

All of the Academies within the Delta Academies Trust group share the following objectives;

  • Institutions with high expectations both for the individual and where there is a collective responsibility for raising community aspirations.
  • sptaedit12.jpgCaring academies. Academies based upon social responsibility, honesty, equality and consideration for others.
  • Highly successful academies where self-help, self-determination and self-improvement is encouraged.
  • Innovative and energising learning centres which develop lively and enquiring minds for both students and staff.
  • Academies which promote inclusion rather than exclusion, which by working in partnership with local agencies, offer a personalised curriculum for all students.  
  • Academies where courtesy, co-operation, enterprise and initiatives are paramount and where tolerance rather than intolerance is practised.
  • To be at the centre of the community as a resource, in its service to others and in promoting community cohesion.