What is School Direct?

School Direct is a teacher-training programme in which you learn on the job. You are welcomed into a Delta Academy as a member of staff and train in the classroom with experienced teachers and mentors.

Delta offer 2 routes salaried and training (unsalaried)

School Direct Training (non-salaried route)
The School Direct (non-salaried) route of study is unpaid. You are responsible for paying Tuition Fees but you can get a student loan (if eligible).  You may also be eligible for a bursary depending on your chosen subject and qualifications.

School Direct Training (salaried route)
School Direct (salaried) trainees are employed by the school as unqualified teachers whilst they learn on-the-job. Your tuition fees are paid on your behalf and you receive a wage. A great option for career changers.

What will I have to do if I’m invited to an interview?

If shortlisted for an interview, you would receive an email outlining the venue, time and expectations of the interview. You will work with children and adults during the interview as well as answering some questions. As we are partnered with SHU you will also have a maths and writing activity (primary) or a written task (secondary) to carry out at interview.

What are the minimum application requirements?

  • A UK undergraduate degree or a recognised equivalent qualification at 2:2 classification or higher
  • A GCSE grade C or above in English and Mathematics
  • A GCSE grade C or above in English, Maths and Science if you are applying to teach Primary or Key Stage 2/3 (ages 7-14)
  • For the salaried route you need around 3 years post education experience (this does not have to be a job in education).
  • For secondary your degree should be related to the subject you want to teach. You will need at least an A Level in your chosen subject although you may be able to complete an SKE to supplement this.

How long does the training last?

At Delta the School Direct programme runs from September to the end of June. If you are salaried then your contract is until 31st August.

What are the Skills Tests?

You’ll be required to pass a Literacy and a Numeracy test before you can start training. Please visit http://sta.education.gov.uk/professional-skills-tests/book-and-pay-for-the-professional-skills-tests for more information and booking. During the academic year 2017/2018 the government removed the ‘lock out’ system meaning you now have unlimited attempts to pass these as long as they are passed by the start of the course. 

Do I need experience in a school to apply?

During the school year 2017/2018 the Government relaxed their position on ‘number of days’ required before beginning teacher training. As a result, there is no official number of days to be carried out prior to beginning your training. However, it is vitally important that you know what teaching is and the pressures associated with it. We, at Delta, would recommend that you gain experience within a classroom prior to beginning your course.

The majority of schools do look for applicants with some school experience. This does not need to be paid experience and can be voluntary. Some schools are happy for applicants to contact them with a view to undertaking voluntary work on the understanding that any necessary checks are made (e.g. DBS checks).

What is the ‘salaried’ training programme?

Delta offer places on School Direct Salaried courses, generally these are targeted at applicants who are already quite experienced in schools (e.g. Teaching Assistants) but not always. We would recommend contacting us to find out more about this programme.

How much will it cost and can I get any financial support?

Trainee teachers may be eligible for a maintenance loan, a tax free bursary grant or even a scholarship for certain subjects – please check out https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk/funding-and-salary/overview for more information.

Some secondary subjects have funding attached, in the form of bursaries and scholarships, for training of up to £26,000 so please check out the above website for more information.

Am I qualified to apply for Initial Teacher Training?

Teacher training candidates must have the following, prior to commencement of the course:

  • A UK undergraduate degree or a recognised equivalent qualification at 2:2 classification or higher. (For secondary your degree should be related to the subject you want to teach. You will need at least an A Level in your chosen subject)
  • A GCSE grade C or above in English and Mathematics
  • A GCSE grade C or above in English, Maths and Science if you are applying to teach Primary or Key Stage 2/3 (ages 7-14)

For secondary: If your degree is not in the subject you wish to teach you may need to carry out an SKE (Subject Knowledge Enhancement course) to enable you to teach your chosen subject. A starting point for further information about SKEs can be found here: https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk/explore-my-options/teacher-training-routes/subject-knowledge-enhancement-ske-courses 

Does training start in September?

Our School Direct courses begin in September to tie in with Sheffield Hallam University and the academic year within academies.

How do I apply for Initial Teacher Training?

All applications must be made via the UCAS website

When can I apply?

UCAS opens in late October for places to start the following September. Delta will be accepting applications for the 2019/2020 cohort of trainees when UCAS opens in October 2018.

Where will I be placed?

Placements are decided based on a number of factors. We look at distance from home, academies with a strong record of accomplishment of supporting trainee teachers and capacity with academies. Although we try to place everyone close to home there will be occasions when this is not possible and a commute to placement has to take place. If you have a long commute to one placement, we will aim to make the second placement a shorter commute. Again, this is dependent on many factors and not always possible. 

How is the course structured?

The School Direct programme at Delta involves ‘on the job’ training within our academies as well as Delta training sessions and training days provided by Sheffield Hallam University. The courses run as follows:


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in school with Delta training days on Thursdays at Education House, Knottingley. Fridays are at SHU for their taught training sessions. You will carry out two assessed block placements, the first being November to December and the second being April to June. Placement patterns vary depending upon the academy and route taken – more information can be sought by emailing schooldirect@deltatrust.org.uk


Monday to Thursday in school most weeks with taught sessions at SHU on a Friday. During the duration of the course there are around 10 taught training days delivered by Delta. You will carry out placements within two schools during the course. 

Is there an induction process?

Once you have accepted your place on UCAS, Delta hold an induction day when you will get to meet all the other SD trainees and have your questions answered. The structure of this day changes dependent on the needs of the group but usually involves some basic safeguarding training and a look through the documentation.

Sheffield Hallam University have a pre-course day at SHU where you find out about the university side of the training course and meet other SD trainees from across the region. During this day, you will meet tutors and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Can I take a holiday during the training?

The simple answer is no! Holidays aren’t permitted during term time on the course. Please be aware that holiday patterns differ across the academy group as we have schools in different places. If your brother has had his wedding in Italy booked for 4 years we aren’t going to expect you to miss this and will review individual cases should they arise.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

If you haven’t been able to find the answer to your question on this list you can either:

Email schooldirect@deltatrust.org.uk or hit the contact us link on this website and send us your question.