Our Primary Courses

We offer the following courses in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University, through the School Direct Training Programme:

Primary Phase 

  • PGCE Primary Education (5-11) with QTS - Salaried - UCAS code 26PB (COURSE FULL)
  • PGCE Primary (Early Years 3-7) with QTS - Salaried - UCAS code 3493 (COURSE FULL)
  • PGCE Primary PE Specialist* (5-11) with QTS - Salaried - UCAS code 36LD (COURSE FULL)
  • PGCE Primary Early Years and Primary Education (3-7)with QTS - UCAS code 34C5
  • PGCE Primary Education (5-11) with QTS - UCAS code 26PJ
  • PGCE Primary PE Specialist* (5-11) with QTS - UCAS code 36LM

*The Primary PE course includes building up to a 50/50 timetable including teaching 50% PE in Primary and 50% core subjects. Please ensure your application refers to your Primary experience outside of PE.